Meet Victoria


I'm a recent college grad hoping to soon find myself a career within the wonderful world of adveritsing. I've lived in Cleveland, New York City and Italy however,  home to me will forever be in my college town of Oxford, Ohio.  While I am a girl that passionately claims "college was the best four years of my life" I'm excited to start making these next few years even better.

Very few things can make me happier than going out to eat with a few besties and a nice glass of vino, perferable Chianti.  I value friendship and honesty more than anything and I literally don't know where I'd be if I didn't come across a few of the people who have shown to be the truest definition of a "best friend." Sometimes I literally have to wonder why I'm so lucky to have such inspiring and supportive friends.

The familiarity of knowing what was next has been very comforting. However, I'm now on a path where the next step is  unknown, which I guess will show me just how much I really do have to learn.

xx, Victoria

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