Sunday, June 3, 2012

'Favorite Place' Necklace

Since college graduation I've been looking for a piece of jewelry where I could incorporate some memory of Miami U.  The other day I came across this website, Sydney Buchanan, that sells fine silver jewelry. I found an adorable pendant necklace where you can add longitude/latitude coordinates on one side and whatever else you want on the other side, like a date, for $112. I'm more of a gold lover so I do have one little critique of the necklace-- I wish the chain was gold instead of silver, but that's obvi fixable. I would love to use the coordinates of my college house, Dubois Not Books, and inscribe my graduation date (5.6.12) on the other side. Now that I found the perfect necklace all I need now is a job so I can buy it!

My college house, Dubois Not Books, and the Jill Massey Favorite Place Necklace

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