Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Birthday Celebration!

June 1st not only marks what I consider to be the start of summer (who decided on June 20th to be the "official" date? rando) but it is also one of my best friends 22nd birthday! We spent the day going to Quail Country Club for some appetizers and drinks served by our favorite waiter (holla, Sue) and had some wine at Ali's before going to Downtown Willoughby. For my birthday coming up in the middle of the month the ultimate treat for me would be to finally receive a job offer.  Fingers crossed!

Enjoying some NY Manhattan Cheesecake and pinot grigio! 

 Some gorgeous earrings Ali got me from Florence, Italy purchased from the store Fiori del Tempo! Only Ali would be giving someone else a gift on her birthday.

Drinks of choice for the pregame. Ali's favorite beer that she had in Dublin, Ireland and Chianti Colli Senesi served at one of our favorite restaurants in Florence, Italy, Golden View , on the Ponte Vecchio.

Nothing better than DOCG Chianti!

My pals. Hehe, ignore the candles. 

 One of the bars we stopped at, The Willoughtby Brewing Company, that serves their own crafted beer!

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  1. Agreed - June 1st is def the start of summer. Looks like I should come visit the CLE and see what downtown Willoughby is all about!